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We get a lot of questions about BAR. Yes, we here at eBay went our own way a number of years ago, and it was one of the more successful things we’ve done – I have not even thought about them in quite some time. I’ll explore a bit about what we’ve done then wade through some of the architectural definitions and issues.

Our Operations and Development teams finished the TD 12 upgrades of our two production systems several weeks back.  We have been wanting TD 12 to get to the extrapolated stats available so we could stop "munging" stats.  Our experience is that but for the problems with wide systems (below), Extrapolated Stats work, customers not in the "large" category should taking advantage and dialing back the frequency of their stats collection, particularly for PPI or Index date fields.

Dual Active. What are we doing?

Automated Recovery from a system going down, planed or not, is a complicated task because of the sheer volume of states capable of the logic executing on the systems. The more complex your batch system, the less disciplined your use of a structured environment, and the sheer number of these edge cases, makes this a herculean task. This problem is vastly amplified by Rapid Application Development methods.