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Teradata has great perfomance in batch processing. As a typical OLAP system, Tereadata can't peform as well as OLTP in high concurrency real-time application. I wrote an open source framework - cheetah, which tries to work with Teradata together to provide better application experience cross batch and real-time requiements.

It is the Big Data era. But we do not have enough "big applications". 

This tool - 'Common UDF' - provides a code builder for both Teradata table UDF and Hadoop Pipes UDF based on the same core code. In this way, we can implement applications for both Teradata and Hadoop with the same code.

Download (7Kb)

This topic will be disucssed at Teradata PARTNERS 2012, Session ID 1987 - Common UDF cross Hadoop and Teradata – One Software for Two Platforms. Please join us at this session to learn more.

I have been struggling to move a huge retail application into database engine with Teradata UDF for 2 years. From my point of view, the current Teradata still has a great space to move ahead. Here is the feature list in my dream data warehouse.

I did some research and could not find a good Teradata SQL formatter. There is a 'Formatter' button in SQL assistant, but the output is a bit ugly. I wrote a small tool with lex & yacc which is able to format a Teradata query.

I will distribute this tool if anybody is interested.