Teradata Aster is an analytic platform that embeds MapReduce analytic processing with data stores.

  • Embedded MapReduce analytic processing and unique SQL-MapReduce® framework
  • Massively parallel data store for multistructured data
  • Intuitive tools and SQL-MapReduce libraries for rapid analytic development

Also, be sure to read The Data Blog, where the visionaries at Teradata Aster share their on big data and advanced analytics. For community support, please visit the Aster forum.

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Aster Parallelism: V-Workers

One of the keys to Aster’s parallel processing power are Virtual Workers (or v-workers).  V-Workers are the compute and storage units in an Aster cluster, much like AMPS are for Teradata.  In this article, I’ll show you how to easily add another v-worker in a procedure called ‘partition splitting’.  This will double the “parallel computing” of our Aster Express cluster.

Using Aster Express: Act 3, On the Road to nPath

The foundations of the Aster platform are a parallel database with all the features you'd expect from a SQL platform.  However the power of the Aster platform really shines once you start using its library of SQL-MR analytic components.  With these components, complex data analysis that is difficult to code in SQL becomes much, much easier.  A clear example of this can be seen with Aster's nPath module.

Using Aster Express: ACT 2, Loading Data

In this second part of our series on using Aster Express, we'll continuing using the Aster ACT query tool and introduce a new tool for bulk loading data, Aster's ncluster_loader.  (See Using Aster Express: Act 1 for part 1 of this series).

Using Aster Express: ACT 1

Once you have an Aster cluster running (see Getting Started with Aster Express), it's time to start doing some work.  We'll start with the Aster database basics in this first part of a 3 part overview.

Introducing Aster Express

We are very excited to introduce the Aster Express for VMware Player images.  Much like the very popular Teradata Express program, these downloadable Aster virtual images will provide customers with a free evaluation version of the Aster analytic platform that can be run on their PC.  While this Express edition is not licensed for production usage, it is a fully functional Aster cluster that is a great tool for developers and testers or anyone else who wants a hands-on introduction to this Big Data analytics platform.  Over the coming weeks and months here on Teradata's Developer Exchange, we will be publishing Aster tutorials, along with sample datasets, that will highlight the powers of this exciting platform.

Aster Express - Getting Started

Aster Express virtual images are now available for downloading to your PC so that you can run an Aster cluster.  After installing VMware Player and downloading the Aster Queen and Worker images (see the Introduction to Aster Express article), you're ready to bring the Aster cluster to life! 

Do More with Your Data: Deep Analytics Using Big Data

Analytics are evolving to a new world from a focus on transactions to a focus on interactions. The analysis of detailed transactional data provide insight into the value created from customer relationships whereas the analysis of interaction provides insight into the experience provided to a customer.