Teradata Aster is an analytic platform that embeds MapReduce analytic processing with data stores.

  • Embedded MapReduce analytic processing and unique SQL-MapReduce® framework
  • Massively parallel data store for multistructured data
  • Intuitive tools and SQL-MapReduce libraries for rapid analytic development

Also, be sure to read The Data Blog, where the visionaries at Teradata Aster share their on big data and advanced analytics. For community support, please visit the Aster forum.

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When to Use Which Type of Chart in Aster Lens

This Webinar discusses the 4 Graph types (Sankey, Chord, Sigma, and Tree) and when to use which Graph type given the data you have.

Graph Processing Inside an Analytic DBMS

Guest Author: Dr. Daniel Abadi, Yale University

Although the Bulk Synchronous Parallel (BSP) model for scalable parallel processing was invented by Leslie Valiant in the 1980s (and was cited as part of the reason for Valiant’s recent Turing award), it became a popular model for scalable processing of graph data in 2010 when Grzegorz Malewicz et. al. from Google published their seminal paper on Pregel in SIGMOD 2010 (http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1807184). 

The nPath Forward - Using Aster nPath to Uncover Customer Patterns

When you give your customers what they want based on data they have been sending you, you stand a chance of retaining that user as a customer.

The Aster Discovery Process

Big Data is a challenge today for most companies. Aster’s Big Data Discovery platform, with its library of SQL-MapReduce functions, enables your business analysts and data scientist to easily uncover new insights and business opportunities.

Aster Analytics 5.11 Update

This presentation introduces you to the new and enhanced analytic functions in the Aster Analytics 5.11 library.

Introduction to Teradata Aster Discovery Platform

The Teradata® Aster® Discovery Platform is the industry’s first next-generation, integrated discovery platform that provides powerful insights from big data.

Teradata Aster Discovery Platform Technology Overview

The growing importance of leveraging new sources of data and new types of analysis has led to the emergence of new technologies that can process non-relational data and perform deep analysis on that data.

Develop SQL MR function using AsterData Developer Express, part 2: develop SQL-MR function

Create SQL-Map-Reduce function using wizard

Develop SQL MR function using AsterData Developer Express, part 1: project setup

We will try to parse Apache access log right now and see how badly structured data can be trasfromed into SQL-like table. I suppose you did already install  Aster Developer Express and ready to create your first Aster project.

Parsing Apache access log

Let's imagine the situation: we have a huge cluster of web servers and we need to collect and analyze web logs. We need to gather access logs from each server and upload them to our AsterData nCluster.