Training material for the Teradata Aster platform.

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The nPath Forward - Using Aster nPath to Uncover Customer Patterns

When you give your customers what they want based on data they have been sending you, you stand a chance of retaining that user as a customer.

The Aster Discovery Process

Big Data is a challenge today for most companies. Aster’s Big Data Discovery platform, with its library of SQL-MapReduce functions, enables your business analysts and data scientist to easily uncover new insights and business opportunities.

Aster Analytics 5.11 Update

This presentation introduces you to the new and enhanced analytic functions in the Aster Analytics 5.11 library.

Introduction to Teradata Aster Discovery Platform

The Teradata® Aster® Discovery Platform is the industry’s first next-generation, integrated discovery platform that provides powerful insights from big data.

Teradata Aster Discovery Platform Technology Overview

The growing importance of leveraging new sources of data and new types of analysis has led to the emergence of new technologies that can process non-relational data and perform deep analysis on that data.

Hands-on with Teradata Aster Express

The new Teradata Aster Express virtual images bring the powerful analytics of the Aster platform to any PC or workstation. 

Do More with Your Data: Deep Analytics Using Big Data

Analytics are evolving to a new world from a focus on transactions to a focus on interactions. The analysis of detailed transactional data provide insight into the value created from customer relationships whereas the analysis of interaction provides insight into the experience provided to a customer.