When you give your customers what they want based on data they have been sending you, you stand a chance of retaining that user as a customer.

TV content providers have a wealth of information they can derive from their customers. After all, that black box does more than just act as an interface between the TV and the satellite dish. It records every channel surfed. Why not use that information to make recommendations about other shows that might be of interest to those customer who watch a particular TV show (in our case, 'Breaking Bad')? This will require using 3 Aster functions (nPath, Attribution and GraphGen). The Telco example is straight-forward. We want more add-on sales when we sell a phone to a customer. So we want to find out how many unique items are being purchased if we offer a discount immediately upon the sales of that phone? Then we want to compare those product counts to when we don't offer a discount. This will require 2 Aster functions (nPath and npUnroll).

Presenter: Mark Ott - Teradata Corporation

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