Aster is an analytic discovery application that lets you perform exploratory queries across your data regardless if it is structured or not.

But have you ever wondered what goes on under the covers? Me too.

This fast-paced presentation covers:

  • The difference between an Explain Plan and Execution Plan
  • The Cost-based and the Rules-based plans
  • What is Inter-Cluster Express (ICE)
  • What is/is not considered a Shuffle
  • How to interpret the Cost value
  • Logical partitioned table versus non-Logical partitioned table Explain Plans
  • How to recognize and minimize Skew using Explain Plans
  • Comparing Row vs Columnar table Explain Plans
  • Comparing Compressed vs Non-Compress Explain Plans
  • How to drop hints in your query to change the Join type

 Note: Presented at the 2015 Teradata Partners Conference

Presenter: Jarrod Johnson - Teradata Corporation


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