Analytics are evolving to a new world from a focus on transactions to a focus on interactions. The analysis of detailed transactional data provide insight into the value created from customer relationships whereas the analysis of interaction provides insight into the experience provided to a customer.

Analytic models for predicting defection, buying patterns, etc. can be significantly enhanced when interaction data is used to augment traditional transaction data. And yet, managing the immense value of interaction data comes with a unique set of challenges for cost effective data warehouse deployment. Moreover, the sources for interaction data are different than transactional data, and the methods by which interaction data is stored for optimal usage is quite often different than what has been done with traditional data warehouse deployments. This session explores the best practices for getting full value out of new analytic capabilities targeted at big data.

Note: This was a 2011 Partners Conference session.

Stephen Brobst, CTO - Teradata Corporation
Tasso Argyros, CTO - Aster Data

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Audience: Data Warehouse Administrator, Data Warehouse Architect/Designer

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Credit hours:1.00