Training material for the Teradata Aster platform.

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Aster R 101

Aster R is easy for the intermediate R user to pick up and quickly begin data science on enterprise-level datasets.

Radically Simplify Big Data Streaming

Real-time data capture is the first step to a Sentient Enterprise. The ability to quickly add new data sources for capturing real-time data is critical to keeping a business relevant.

Like, Pin or Tweet It: Get More Value Out of Social Media Data with Aster

Love or hate it, social media is here to stay. 

Aster Apps Center - When to use Which Visualization

Aster AppCenter provides the citizen data scientist the ability  to run a different type of analytic.  

Explaining the Aster Explain

Aster is an analytic discovery application that lets you perform exploratory queries across your data regardless if it is structured or not.

What Do I Do First? Aster Text Analytics Step by Step

Companies increasingly want to find value in their unstructured (free text) data, which can be in the form of tweets, customer problem reports, email, call center logs, and many others.

Introducing Aster Express

What is Aster Express?

Enabling SAS, SPSS, R, Tableau Desktop Analytics with Aster for Big Data

Analysts have deep knowledge of the procedures and reports their desktop tools currently use and produce, but can stumble when they need to get better insights fast on “too big” data.

Big Text: Gaining Value from Unstructured Data with Aster Text Analytics

Text data can be used for gaining insight into customer attitudes, routing communications from service representatives, finding key ‘nuggets’ and trends in news, emails and social media, and matching name and address data.

When to Use Which Type of Chart in Aster Lens

This Webinar discusses the 4 Graph types (Sankey, Chord, Sigma, and Tree) and when to use which Graph type given the data you have.