Aster Express virtual images are now available for downloading to your PC so that you can run an Aster cluster.  After installing VMware Player and downloading the Aster Queen and Worker images (see the Introduction to Aster Express article), you're ready to bring the Aster cluster to life! 

As we saw in the introduction article, an Aster Express cluster consists of a Queen node and a Worker node.  The Worker nodes store the distributed data and also work in parallel for all processing and analytic computations.  Typically the Worker nodes also serve as backups to each other.  In this way, the cluster provides automatic failover in the case of a Worker node failure.  For the Aster Express cluster, we start with only 1 Worker in order to minimize the resource requirements on your PC.  This means that all data and processing is done on the single Worker node.

Step 1: Configure your virtual network

With VMware Player installed, there is a quick configuration change that we'll need to make in order to match the network addresses in the Aster images.  The Aster images have been created using static IP addresses, for the Queen and for the Worker.  Before we boot those images, we'll need to match the VMNET8 virtual network with this subnet.

On Windows, select your network properties either through Control Panel or right-clicking 'My Network Places' from your Start menu, or with Windows 7, this is “Nework and Sharing Center” .  You should see a network connect named "VMware Network Adapter VMnet8".  Select the properties for this and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).  We'll need to set the IP address to, as shown in these screenshots.


VMware Network configuration (1 of 2)


VMware network configuration (2 of 2)


Now that we've have the network settings done, it's time to run VMware Player and start our Aster images.  From the VMware Player Welcome page, choose "Open a Virtual Machine" and click your way through your file directory to the Queen node folders, looking for the "sles11.vmx" file.  We're starting with the Queen node first, as it will take a few minutes for our SLES linux to boot and run the Aster software. 

'I moved it' -very important!

This step is very important.  As you click through the virtual image directories, VMware is looking for the .vmx file, in order to start the image.  Once you find it, double-click or choose the 'Open' option.  VMware will now present you with a dialog box asking if you copied or moved this image.  Be sure to choose  'I MOVED IT'!

As these are clones of preconfigured images, VMware needs to know that this will be the only copy running on your PC, which is why we chose "moved it".  If this image were a copy, VMware would make adjustments to the networking configuration, such as renaming the network adapter "eth1" instead of "eth0", which would cause trouble with our Aster cluster. 

Once we have the Queen up and running, start the Worker image with the same steps.  Again, be sure to choose "I moved it" when prompted!

Aster Management Console (AMC)

All of your Aster management will be done using the AMC web tool.  This slick web interface will allow you to add Worker nodes to the cluster and monitor all activity and system resources.  In the event of trouble, the AMC will show you where the problem lies and provide diagnostic information and system logs.  For this article, we won't need to log into these virtual machines directly.  But should you want to look around, the linux login/password is "aster/aster" for both Queen and Worker.

Let's start by logging into the AMC and adding our Worker node to the cluster.  Using your browser, connect to the AMC using as the web URL address (you may see warnings about the connection security - you can ignore those).  Login with the user/password "db_superuser/db_superuser".


(If you have trouble connecting to the Queen, one area to check is to make sure you are not also connected to a VPN.  These can 'override' your local network and prevent you from connecting to the Queen.)  Once logged in, you'll see the Dashboard.  At this point there are no Workers attached to the Aster cluster yet.

Adding Worker Nodes

Our Worker node instance should be up and running by now with an IP address of  Let’s add it to our Aster cluster.

Using the AMC, choose the ‘Admin’ tab and ‘Cluster Mangement’.  From there choose ‘Add Node’.  Type the IP address into the configuration field ( and also check the ‘clean node’ box.


This step may take a while. The node will be ‘cleaned’ and the Aster software is uploaded and installed to the Worker by the Queen.  The Worker status may be in the ‘cleaning’ status for 10 minutes or so.  Be patient, it will finally get to a ‘Prepared’ status.

Activate Cluster


Once the Worker node has been added, cleaned and is in the ‘Prepared’ state, you can choose the ‘Activate Cluster’ button.  This too can take some time … once again, please be patient.



That's it.  You now have an Aster cluster up and running on your PC, ready to start crunching Big Data!

We can take another look at the Dashboard page to now see our Worker added to the cluster.  If you want to jump ahead and practice your Aster admin skills, now might also be a good time to take a look at the article, Aster Parallelism: V-Workers.


Look for more Aster articles soon that will walk you through the basics of connecting to Aster database and submitting queries (Aster Express: ACT 1).  We'll also have sample data sets for you to load, along with more advanced SQL-MR analytic examples.  Stay tuned, there's much more fun to come!










CarlosAL 6 comments Joined 04/08
26 Mar 2012

"I moved It" vs. "I copied it"...

"Copied" changes the MAC ADDRESSS of the virtual network adapter (ethernet.generatedaddress) and the BIOS unique identifier (uuid.bios). I've never seen It change from eth0 to eth1.



jmamedov 5 comments Joined 02/12
28 Mar 2012

Thank you. How easy it would be if I want to add another worker node? Can I copy worker image file and change ip to be able to add 3rd worker in this way?

haclaa 1 comment Joined 03/12
28 Mar 2012

How to upload data? Where are the drivers, is there a client tool?

miguelmin 2 comments Joined 12/11
29 Mar 2012

that's good. Is there any materials more detail? What's the password of root user?

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
30 Mar 2012

I've just published the first article to introduce Aster's ACT client tool:

I'll soon add another for Aster's load tool and show how to add a 2nd worker.

Also, for those asking about the root password. Use the 'aster' login and 'sudo' when needed.

Have fun with Aster Express. I'll help where I can.

douqq 1 comment Joined 01/10
17 Apr 2012

I am running the aster express in vmware successfully. and I have some question to you .
How can my colleague visit my aster through local area network and NAT.
I used to configure teradata database by vmware NAT via port forwarding,but I can't make it this time in asterdata.

apesa63 2 comments Joined 02/12
24 Apr 2012

I have followed your tutorial but when logging on using db_superuser/db_superuser it returns an error message: User Not Known to the Underlying Authentication Module.

I am running VMWare Workstation 8. I am successfully running Teradata express in this VMWare host. Host is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, 8 Gb Ram, i5.

Anybody else have difficulty logging on.

apesa63 2 comments Joined 02/12
24 Apr 2012

Thanks, but I figured it out and got it working on VMWare

njvijay 2 comments Joined 08/09
27 Apr 2012

Any idea how to configure virtual network in Mac, using VMware fusion?

sishan 1 comment Joined 04/12
02 May 2012

While trying to set up VMWare in the initial steps, I could not find the file sles11.vmx in Queen node folders. how do I proceed?

cbackman 3 comments Joined 03/11
08 May 2012

Had some problems adding the worker when using IE. Recognized I had to use Firefox (as in the examples). Just a hint for others who try installing Aster on the Teradata Live Box, you need to install a decent browser for starters:-)

HMai 1 comment Joined 05/12
11 May 2012

Running aster express on Windows XP; processor check utility successfully done:
But after adjusting bios settings (enable VT; disable trusted execution" according to guidelines) and starting the Queen, I got the message:
"This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU". Does it mean that my laptop (Dell E5400) is not capable starting aster express?

mc4diman 1 comment Joined 01/12
15 May 2012

I had the same problem (Dell D630) - turn ON (enable) virtualization option in BIOS settings to solve the issue.

z5d69 2 comments Joined 05/12
16 May 2012

I hate to ask given that this is more of a PoT versus full-scale roll-out but I notice that the queen has a high wait state every 2-3 seconds. Lot's of disk for the queen and some network out (reasonable amount, though) for the node. I thought this was related to how little ram was allocated but have since allocated 3 GB to the queen. I don't see a high TPS for the queen either. When I see the high wait state there is always a "beehive" path process showing high on top (not using very much CPU though). What is the cause of this?

z5d69 2 comments Joined 05/12
16 May 2012

Also, does the node need to be "prepared" each time you start or is that a one-time hit? I rebooted the queen and node and it appeared that the node needed to be prepared again. I'm at the beginning of this process so I'm hoping that doesn't involve purging the data? It runs for several minutes so I just wanted to understand what was taking place.

Tonio_Lora 1 comment Joined 05/09
03 Jul 2012

Any idea how to configure virtual network in Mac, using VMware fusion?

raniendusingh 2 comments Joined 06/11
08 Aug 2012

How can I configure a cluster with Queen on one physical system and worker on another ?? with both physical systems being in the same network ?

25 Aug 2012

I found that as of 2012-08-25, the following web browsers, running on W7Pro SP1, do not work with the AMC: 32-bit or 64-bit Internet Explorer v9, Chrome v21. If you pay attention to Mike's screenshots, there is a clue. I used Mozilla Firefox v14 to connect to and use the AMC.

devsquare 1 comment Joined 12/12
20 Dec 2012

Hi All,
Am new to Teradata Aster Express. I downloaded aster images and vmware player in my linux system(Cent OS 6.2,64-bit,4-GB Ram).
Both my images are running now. But am unable to login to AMC. Please help me out.

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
21 Dec 2012

The AMC may take a few minutes to start up after the cluster is running, depending on your system hardware, resources, etc. Give it another try. Another test is to use the web browser on the Queen image itself to connect using a 'localhost' URL.

smaithil 1 comment Joined 01/13
03 Jan 2013

Hi Mike,

I need to install Aster Express on Physical machines/ cluster. Please let me know
1. The bare minimum Hardware and Software configurations required for creation of physical cluster for Aster Express.
2. The installer which can be used for Installing Aster Express Queen & Worker(s) on Physical machines.

I want to explore the latest Advance Analytic functions available with Aster Express and accomplish reporting (using the latest available reporting tools) based on the output of the Advance Analytic functions.

Please suggest regarding the same.

Thanks In Advance.


mathewjoy 2 comments Joined 07/10
19 Feb 2013

This is a nice step by step article. I have vmplayer on linux machine. This is not really an aster question but can anyone explain how I can I match the VMNET8 virtual network with subnet on Linux? Currently vmnet8 on my linux is


mathewjoy 2 comments Joined 07/10
19 Feb 2013

Actually from another forum I found a way to to change the subnet address - it is pretty neat.

#> cd /usr/lib/vmware/bin
#> ln -s appLoader vmware-netcfg

and you edit the address.


20 Mar 2013

I am running the aster express in vmware successfully. and I have some question to you .
How can my colleague visit my aster through local area network and NAT.
I used to configure teradata database by vmware NAT via port forwarding,but I can't make it this time in asterdata.
I am not sure how can i make this happen, i want to install the VMon my local network so i can accessable with it my network, please help.

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
20 Mar 2013

Create a new virtual network adapter for the Queen image using the Virtual Machine Settings.  Be sure to make this a 'bridged' adapter so that it connects directly to your LAN.  Then on the Queen, update the Linux network settings (using the network settings tool) to configure this new 'virtual adapter'.  You'll probably set it to DHCP, so that an IP address is assigned on boot.  It is this new IP address that you'll use to connect from the network, not the 'internal' address. 

orozcohsu 3 comments Joined 03/13
23 Mar 2013

Is there any way to change the default IP ?
now is using, but I want to change it to  (because testing network issue)

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
23 Mar 2013

Add a virtual network adapter to the Queen image and give it any IP address that you need. 

hock 2 comments Joined 08/08
22 Apr 2013

Hi Mike, adding a virtual connections works!  However, it does create another bug in the vm player, the virtual server setting crashed every time.  But all good!  Thank you.

29 Apr 2013

can you please kindly post the stps on how to configure this virtual connections, i am trying to connect the Teradata 14 express with Aster express, and it not working, since the ip address on my host windows is and the ip address on Teradata 14 express is and the ip address on aster is,
please kindly let me know how to configure this, so they can talk to each other, currently i can only ping teradata 14 from my host.

29 Apr 2013

Never Mind it was easy enough, i was doing a small mistake, thank you.

m3anand 1 comment Joined 05/13
04 May 2013

Hi guys
when i try to extract the VM , one of the files is corrupt.
Let me where to download " TD SLES 11 v3.1.1-s003.vmdk " queen file

Willimoa 11 comments Joined 10/09
16 Jun 2013

Wondering about the change to the IP step:  "We'll need to set the IP address to" for the VMNet8 setting.
I would like to run Teradata Express and Aster Express at the same time, but this step seems to make the two incompatible.  I can't connect to Teradata Express.
Is there a config where both will work ?

Willimoa 11 comments Joined 10/09
16 Jun 2013

Also, these getting started guides are great !  Thanks very much.

rupert160 6 comments Joined 09/10
17 Jul 2013

Sudo requires a password, "Aster" does not work. Ideas?

Qionglinnewbie 3 comments Joined 09/13
03 Dec 2013

Thanks Mike for the sharing, do you know the user id and password to log into SLES 11 when VM Player starts? I didn't find the answer so far.  Thank you.

Teradata Mike 31 comments Joined 04/09
03 Dec 2013

There are 2 logins, based on the Aster image versions.  The  login/password is either "aster/aster" or "root/aster" - all lowercase.

orozcohsu 3 comments Joined 03/13
09 Dec 2013

Hi Mike,
I follow your instruction, and setup the static to Queen. It looks great because I can use Firefox to internet.
But when I browse the https// (AMC), it always shows "Unable to connect"
And another thing, when I boot the Queen, system stuck in "Starting nCluster services" for minutes, and shows something error I guess because it just quickly change the screen to login page.
Please help me to figure out how could I use my static IP on Queen and Worker node? thanks a lot

Pradi 2 comments Joined 04/14
18 Apr 2014

Hi Mike,
I'm trying to install Aster express, but AMC is not working. and also there is such file as "SLES 11" in my unzipped folder of aster.
There are two separated folders of aster queen and aster worker, how do i start both images in one vm player?
I'm using Aster express v6 and vmware plyaer 6.

chrislarsen 2 comments Joined 06/14
10 Jun 2014 is not accessible with this new aster image I am using. I'm trying to alias that IP and also can't use root/aster as the root user/pass. Any suggestions?

chrislarsen 2 comments Joined 06/14
10 Jun 2014

By the way, I see the note about using sudo, but that's not cutting it for trying to add an IP alias. It wants root's password specifically to vi a system file.

27 Oct 2014

Hi mike,
How to login the aster-queen and aster-worker in my vmware.
is there any default credentials for that?
can you please help me.........!
Thank you :)

KSanyal 6 comments Joined 11/14
25 Nov 2014

Installed Aster Express 6.00.01 on my laptop. And followed each and every configuration showed above but still I am getting this error - 'The network bridge on device VMNet0 is temporarily down because the bridged Ethernet interface...'
From windows command prompt, when pinged - both queen and worker image are not accessible. But strangely from within the VMs, queen and worker can ping each other.
Any ideas experts ? Help will be appreciated

28 Jan 2015

Hi Mike,
When I try to import to queen.vmk file in my VM ware workstation I get the error that,

"The configuration file "C:\Aster 6.00.01\Virtual Images\Aster\Aster Queen\Aster Queen.vmx" was created by a VMware product that is incompatible with this version of VMware Workstation and cannot be used.


Cannot open the configuration file C:\Aster 6.00.01\Virtual Images\Aster\Aster Queen\Aster Queen.vmx."

I am using vmware workstation 8.0 .Can you please guide what version of VMware will be supported ?

nickbuon 1 comment Joined 05/15
07 May 2015

I cannot get the URL to open. And there are no website warnings. I have windows 8.1

shimaa 1 comment Joined 05/15
13 May 2015

i use 6 G rams, corei3, win 7- 64 bit, i want to execute data prediction and analysis using aster, could i do this???

alchang10 1 comment Joined 06/14
09 Sep 2015

While opening Aster Express on VMware Player, I got following error log:
The configuration file "... Aster Queen.vmx"  was created by a VMware product that is incompatible with this version of VMware Player and cannot be used.
So any tips to fix it? Thanks so much.

ppanja 1 comment Joined 01/12
06 Dec 2015

Hi Mike,
I'm facing issue while trying to configure Aster Queen. When I'm logging into AMC using db_superuser/db_superuser then i can see that worker node is already there with a state - New . When I'm trying to do 'Active Cluster' , it's not working . It's always in New state and Queen is in active state . I've tried removing the worker node and again adding but it's throwing error - Node is not reachable .
Can you please help me out.
Thanks & Regards,
Prasanta Panja

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