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Graph Processing Inside an Analytic DBMS
Guest Author: Dr. Daniel Abadi, Yale University Although the Bulk Synchronous Parallel (BSP) model for scalable parallel processing was invented by Leslie Valiant in the 1980s (and was cited as part of the reason for Valiant’s recent Turing award), it became a popular model for scalable processing of graph data in 2010 when Grzegorz Malewicz et. al. from Google published their seminal paper on Pregel in SIGMOD 2010 ( 
Develop SQL MR function using AsterData Developer Express, part 2: develop SQL-MR function
Create SQL-Map-Reduce function using wizard
Develop SQL MR function using AsterData Developer Express, part 1: project setup
We will try to parse Apache access log right now and see how badly structured data can be trasfromed into SQL-like table. I suppose you did already install  Aster Developer Express and ready to create your first Aster project. Parsing Apache access log Let's imagine the situation: we have a huge cluster of web servers and we need to collect and analyze web logs. We need to gather access logs from each server and upload them to our AsterData nCluster.
Introducing Aster Lens
Aster Lens is a new interactive Web application for Aster 5.10.  It allows Users to find, view, and share results from their nPathViz and cFilterViz functions.  It’s a quantum leap forward compared to the old way of visualizing where the answer set would provide you with a URL that you have to Copy/Paste into a Web browser.  This presentation will cover the basics on how to setup, configure and use Aster Lens.   Installation
Aster Database support in Teradata Studio Express 14.02
Teradata Studio Express 14.02 now supports Aster database connectivity. Teradata Studio Express is an information discovery tool for retrieving and displaying data from your Aster database systems. It can be run on multiple operating system platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. It is built on top of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) which allows Teradata Studio Express to benefit from the many high quality Eclipse features available while focusing on value-add for the Aster database.
Eclipse - The other Aster Data SQL client
When learning Aster Data, the first thing we did was logon to Aster Command Terminal (ACT) and start submitting queries.  This is typically done through a SSH client (like Putty).  To customize the ACT interface, I used the Putty options to change the background and foreground colors and change the font and font size.  Later on in the training, we were introduced to Eclipse, which provided additional functionalities that I found compelling.
Aster nPath functionality (Volume 2)
I’m assuming you’re already read Aster nPath functionality (Volume 1) and and are now ready to go into a deep dive with Use Case scenarios.  First we’ll cover some additional concepts, and then move into real-life examples that bring out the value of nPath.  Here’s the lesson plan:
Aster's Linear and Logistic Regression functions
Regression is a method of doing analysis.  Basically it helps you predict the future.  Businesses use these models to help explain customer behavior which can make them more profitable.  But wait a minute, who started this whole Regression thing?  The guy who invented Regression, Sir Francis Galton, was studying how the height of fathers predicted the height of their sons.  He showed on average that short fathers had taller sons and tall fathers had shorter sons.  He called this condition ‘regression to mediocrity’ and the term stuck.
Aster's Market Basket and Collaborative Filtering functions
Retailers mine transaction data to track purchasing behavior.  Some of the more popular are Market Basket and Collaborative Filtering.  By understanding what products customers tend to purchase, a vendor can maximize their sales for that customer.  Armed with this information, an analyst can initiate:
Aster Unleashed - Installing the Analytic Libraries
With your own Aster cluster installed and running (Getting Started with Aster Express), and a few Aster nPath examples under your belt (On the Road to nPath), it's time to unleash the full analytic power of Aster and install the remaining SQL-MR libraries.  These Aster Analytic modules are a powerful suite of reusable SQL-MapReduce® functions that deliver advanced analytics on Big Data with immediate business impact by leveraging the power of MapReduce programming through standard SQL.