Lately it seems like there has been quite a few questions relating to the use of Large Objects on the various Teradata forums. Mostly these revolve around the question of how do I get Large Objects into the database. So it seems like there is a bit of mystery surrounding Large Objects.

For myself, the mystery is just who is “Large” and to what does he (or she) “Object”? Perhaps "Large" objects to the veil of mystery being lifted which is what this series of articles is about - working with Large Objects.

The first article addresses getting Large Objects into Teradata.

Loading Large Objects is great, but by itself that isn't much use. The real fun begins in part 2 where we extract our Large Objects and use them in a web application.

 In the final instalment, I look at Serialising (or Serializing) Java Objects and storing them in a Large Object. I also look at some of the factors that can be considered to determine whether this is an appropriate thing to do or not.