The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform is engineered for all new and old data types, offering integrated analytics and revolutionary ways of analyzing data. It’s the industry’s most transformative solution for turning big data insights into outstanding customer experiences, advancements in customer service and record-breaking marketing campaigns. Teradata Aster Discovery Portfolio provides a suite of ready-to-use functions applied from a familiar SQL interface for fast and easy discovery of business insights from big data.

The Discovery Platform is designed for all types of enterprise users to derive novel, high-value business insights through analytics that invoke various state-of-the-art tools (Teradata SQL - MapReduce® (SQL-MR), Text, and Statistical functions). It features the industry’s only SQL-MR framework and an expanding portfolio of more than 80 pre-built MapReduce functions. It comes with out-of-the box functionality for data acquisition, preparation, analysis, and it enables users to incorporate all functions within a single SQL statement. It can be easily used by any SQL-savvy analyst, as well as being powerful and flexible enough for the most technically sophisticated data scientists. The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform provides a complete solution for interactive and powerful analytic applications that require minimal time and effort to derive value from.

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition can take advantage of the Teradata Aster functionality to expose business insights to end users. It is likely integration and deployment of Teradata Aster with OBIEE will require a collaboration of subject matter experts – a developer (or data scientist) who can define/test/validate the data analysis to fulfill the end user requirement and the OBIEE Admin to work with the developer to integrate and deploy the analysis within OBIEE to the broader BI user community. This article describes how to configure basic SQL access and integrate Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) with Teradata Aster (Aster).

Version Compatibility

Integration testing of OBIEE and Aster was completed as one of the many functions and deliverables of the joint Oracle and Teradata Partnership. 

The current certified combinations of OBIEE and Aster are as follows:


ODBC Driver

The Aster ODBC driver associated with the Aster Database release needs to be installed on the OBIEE server.   It is important to make sure that the OBIEE Server platform (OS and chipset) is supported by the Aster ODBC driver.

Configure the Aster data source in OBIEE

As of the writing of this article OBIEE does not yet have native integration with Aster.  If direct integration was in place, there would be an “Aster Data” option listed on the data source definition drop down.  If that is not yet available, “ODBC Advanced” should be selected for the data source type.

Choosing “ODBC Advanced” determines which feature table OBIEE will use for determining function shipping to the Aster database. 

During Aster certification, it was determined that the following features need to be disabled:


The following features need to be enabled:


Connection Pool Settings

Once the “Database” is selected and the feature table updated, the Connection Pool “Isolation level” needs to be set to “Serializable”.  Sometimes, for the change to this setting to take effect, a restart of the OBIEE server is required.

Metadata Import Limitations

Once the basic configuration is complete OBIEE and Aster should operate effectively together.  There is one limitation that arose during the integration and certification process.  OBIEE cannot import Aster metadata.  An error is displayed during the “import” metadata process.  Until this is corrected metadata will need to be manually created in OBIEE.

Successfully completing (and testing) this configuration enables basic Aster SQL access from OBIEE, effectively allowing the OBIEE end user to gain access to information stored within relational Aster tables.  For information on configuring SQL/MR functions with OBIEE refer to the article “OBIEE Configuration for Aster SQL/MR”.

lakshmig 8 comments Joined 12/15
01 Dec 2015

Please let  me know the Aster Driver is not available in the driver list when i try to create ODBC connection should  be apprciate to get more inputs on this article.

TDobiee 17 comments Joined 07/09
02 Dec 2015

You need to install the Aster Driver.  The install files can be found on your aster instance or can be downloaded from here:

lakshmig 8 comments Joined 12/15
08 Dec 2015

Installed Aster ODBC Driver in Linux and windows machines and Applied Aster Connections detail entries in the ODBC.ini file as well as updated ODBCinst.ini,aster.ini as per readme .txt file, and created ODBC connection in windows tested succuessfully still OBIEE is showing "Connection failed " Error after created connection pool in Physical layer. in the connection pool connection type is "ODBC Advanced" is selected eventhough OBIEE is not able to connect Aster..Could you please suggest still is there any other settings required....

TDobiee 17 comments Joined 07/09
11 Dec 2015

Did you make sure that the isolation level is "serializable"?  Where, exactly, in OBIEE are you getting the error?  If you are trying to import metadata then the error is expected...

lakshmig 8 comments Joined 12/15
23 Dec 2015

Yes i  changed isolatin level is serializable and configured how it is in the above article , and after installed the ASter ODBC driver in the linux machine entries are changed in odbc.ini file in obiee accordingly eventhough facing connection failed error. is there any other chances i have to change.....Thanks in Advance

TDobiee 17 comments Joined 07/09
30 Dec 2015

What were you doing when you got the error?  If you are trying to import metadata it won't work:  OBIEE cannot import Aster metadata. An error is displayed during the “import” metadata process.

lakshmig 8 comments Joined 12/15
02 Feb 2016

Ok, then how can I generate the reports in OBIEE without importing from aster database.. ODBC Conection was successful, but it is not supporting from connection pool to the aster tables. I verified with direct selct statement in physical layer. after return query it's showing table name then did update row count, so its showing error is "Unable to connect database using connection pool 'connection name' "...

lakshmig 8 comments Joined 12/15
02 Feb 2016

it seems to be connection Type is not supporting... right now in my machine having ODBC 3.5 is latest one...

TDobiee 17 comments Joined 07/09
02 Feb 2016

Actually it is the isolation level that is the issue.  When importing metadata, OBIEE does not pay attention to the isolation level setting.

lakshmig 8 comments Joined 12/15
03 Feb 2016

inthat case what we have to do, can u guide me please....

lakshmig 8 comments Joined 12/15
03 Feb 2016

is there any changes in weblogic console of the data services-->connection pool settings required?

TDobiee 17 comments Joined 07/09
03 Feb 2016

Oracle needs to do a product enhancement to support the import of metadata.  Please request the enhancement from Oracle.  The more requests they get the more likely it is that they will enhance their product.

lakshmig 8 comments Joined 12/15
08 Feb 2016

Ok,  Thanks....

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