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OBIEE Configuration for Teradata Temporal Tables


This article shows how to integrate OBIEE with Teradata Temporal Tables.  It details how to set up OBIEE for "as-is" and "as-was" type analysis.  It is a cook book style write-up and assumes the reader knows OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) and assumes that the reader knows what they want to do with temporal.  It does not go into detailed analysis of different use cases for temporal tables.

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Integration with Teradata Aster SQL/MR

Beyond the typical database functions Aster has advanced analytical functionality.  For instance, the Aster nPath function allows regular pattern matching over a sequence of rows. With it, you can find sequences of rows that match a pattern you’ve specified and easily extract information from these matched patterns using symbols that represent the matched rows in the pattern.

Oracle Essbase XOLAP and Teradata

Oracle Essbase was first launched in 1992. Since then, many other OLAP tools have come and gone. Oracle Essbase has thrived and become a leading OLAP tool by continuously adding new features, adapting to new environments, and taking advantage of new technologies. Oracle Essbase XOLAP and Oracle Essbase Studio are examples of the latest improvements.

Using OBIEE Visual Analyzer with Teradata Database




Visual Analyzer (VA) is a web-based tool that allows the business user to explore data visually. Creating visualizations is so easy in Visual Analyzer that the data analysis work becomes more an individual experience in exploration and discovery rather than an extended process of constructing views from data.

Using the OBIEE Sample Application with the Teradata Database

The OBIEE Sample Application is a fully functioning OBIEE environment available on a VM.  It is self-contained in that demo applications can be run against data stored on the VM.  It is possible to modify the VM so that external data can also be accessed and shown in a demo or used for testing.  This article shows how to modify the VM to access a Teradata database.  Almost any Teradata database version will work with OBIEE, but see the certification matrix for supported versions.

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g Basic Configuration and Integration with Teradata Aster

The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform is engineered for all new and old data types, offering integrated analytics and revolutionary ways of analyzing data. It’s the industry’s most transformative solution for turning big data insights into outstanding customer experiences, advancements in customer service and record-breaking marketing campaigns. Teradata Aster Discovery Portfolio provides a suite of ready-to-use functions applied from a familiar SQL interface for fast and easy discovery of business insights from big data.

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Configuration and Integration with Teradata QueryGrid

Teradata QueryGrid provides a means to access Hortonworks Hadoop® data from a Teradata system.  The QueryGrid uses SQL to access and join other system’s data with the enterprise data.  QueryGrid is flexible in that Hadoop, Aster or other databases can be accessed from the integrated data warehouse.

Teradata Warehouse Miner 5.3.5 Express Edition available for download

Teradata Warehouse Miner provides an array of data profiling and mining functions ranging from data exploration and transformation to analytic model development and deployment that are performed directly in the Teradata Database. While many data mining solutions require analysts to extract data samples to build and run analytic models, Teradata Warehouse Miner allows you to analyze detailed data without moving it out of the data warehouse, thus streamlining the data mining process.

Teradata Warehouse Miner, and its derivative products Teradata Analytic Data Set (ADS) Generator, Teradata Data Set Builder for SAS and Teradata Profiler, can provide both a framework for the data mining process and a significant savings of time and resources in implementing the process.

Updated teradataR version 1.0.1 package available for download

An updated version of the teradataR package is now available here.

Enhancements included with this new 1.0.1 release include:

Accessing System Logs for Teradata/Aprimo Relationship Manager 6.3

How do I find the system, error, or PE log files for Aprimo Relationship Manager (formerly Teradata Relationship Manager)?