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iBatis and MyBatis support custom types to override JDBC and other types when using the iBatis or MyBatis frameworks. A custom data type gives you the ability to deal with any kind of special input and output handling you may need for a database data type. For example, a User Defined Type (UDT)  that represents a point would require an X and Y Position to be entered for input and an X and Y position to be retrieved from the database. The custom data type gives you a clearly defined programmatic mechanism to do this.

CRUD is defined as the following functions of persistent storage:

  • Create — Insert a row into a Database Table
  • Read — Selecting information from a Database Table
  • Update — Update a row for a Database Table
  • Delete — Remove a row from a Database Table

The iBatis CRUD Wizard will generate the SQL and the iBatis code for all the CRUD operations for a selected database table in the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse.  The generated iBatis SQL map can then be used to create a Web Service or used to create a Java application that uses the iBatis frame work. This will give you a quick and easy way to create an application that can do basic operations on a Teradata database table.