Teradata Mapping Manager
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Version Released Download 09 Jul 2014 20 May 2014 22 Apr 2014 16 Apr 2014 24 Sep 2013 22 Jul 2013 09 May 2013 25 Feb 2013 17 Jan 2013 05 Jan 2013 07 Nov 2012 24 Apr 2012 02 Apr 2012
2.00.01 23 Feb 2012
2.00.00 30 Sep 2011
About this download

Teradata Mapping Manager is a Java-based desktop application/tool used by our professional services consultants to aid in the mapping of data and requirements. The mapping metadata is stored in a Teradata database.

It is available for use by Teradata licensees at no charge although it is not covered by normal Teradata software maintenance and support agreements.

Other documentation:

  1. A list of new features and/or bug fixes in the latest release is available in the "What's new in TMM?" article.
  2. A high-level list of application features is available in the Data Sheet (link above)
  3. Installation and other information is available in the TMM Getting Started guide (link above).
  4. Self-paced, hands-on training available in TMM Tutorial (link above)

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