Aster Express 6.00.01
About this download

Aster Express for VMware Player download packages.  These are the virtual images required to create an Aster cluster consisting of a Queen node and a Worker node on your PC.

Step 1

Hardware and Software Requirements Check

4 GB memory | 20 GB free disk space | CPU should be 64 bit support capable
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7
VMware Player: Download and install the latest (free) version of the VMware Player
7-Zip: Extract (or uncompress) the Aster Express package using 7-Zip, available from:
Download Manager (in case of slow Internet connection)

Step 2

Download the Aster Express Software


Due to the large file size (4.8 GB) please allow some time for the download to be successfully completed. Download speeds vary based on your network infrastructure.

Check the integrity of the download using the information below to check the file size and validate the MD5 Checksum:
Package: Aster Express6.00.01.7z
Version: 6.00.01
Initial Disk Space (GB): 15 GB
Download Size (bytes): 4.8 GB (5,070,040,333 bytes)
MD5 Checksum: f9666c1f57297621c19bb21742f7a9c0


Step 3

Extracting Aster Express 6.00.01 Software

Navigate to the AsterExpress6.00.01.7z or AsterExpress6.00.01.7z.001 image file on your system.
Depending on your connection speed either Right-click on the AsterExpress6.00.01.7z or AsterExpress6.00.01.7z.001 extract files using the 7Zip utility noted in step two.
In ‘Extract to’ type C:\.  The following directory structure will be extracted to your root C directory:
  • C:\Aster 6\Virtual Images\Aster\Aster Queen (The “Aster Queen” directory contains the Queen node image. The Queen node is the entry point for connecting to the Aster cluster
  • C:\Aster 6\Virtual Images\Aster\Aster Worker (The “Aster Worker” directory contains the Worker node image. The Worker node is responsible for storing data, doing locally-optimized query planning, and executing queries).
  • C:\Aster 6\Virtual Images\Aster\Aster Resources (The “Aster Resources” directory contains: Aster Express User Guide, Aster Analytics Foundation User Guide, Aster Development Environment).


Step 4

Setting Up Aster Express 6.00.01 Software

Please to complete the Aster Express 6.00.01 set up.

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