About this download

Please note, we are no longer supporting teradataR since the decision was made for Teradata to focus on our partnership with Revolution for R integration with Teradata.

This package allows users of R to interact with a Teradata database. R is an open source language for statistical computing and graphics. R provides a wide variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modeling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering) and graphical techniques, and is highly extensible. Users can use many statistical functions directly against the Teradata system without having to extract the data into memory.

Enhancements included with this new 1.0.1 release include:

  • teradataR User Guide
  • addition of Mac OS X Package
  • addition of Red Hat Linux Package (added 2/23/12)
  • summary has been enhanced to run faster
  • JDBC support added to allow Windows or Mac users to run the package with JDBC
  • td.data.frame enhanced to allow support for manipulation to add columns and expressions
  • td.data.frame enhanced to use Teradata 14.0 Fastpath Transform Functions (see Appendix B)
  • td.tapply function added to apply a select group of functions to columns of an array

For more on getting started with Teradata R, please see this article. For community support, please visit the Analytics forum.

Update: The source for TeradataR has been approved for distribution to the public. The source as well as an updated TeradataR package (works with R 3.0) is available from https://github.com/Teradata/teradataR.